Broad Ridge Baptist Church
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Building and Grounds
    Construction on our current church building was started on Thanksgiving Day in 1948 and the building was dedicated early in the year in 1949.The Church has a square footage of 2,500 square feet.  We also have Fellowship Hall (That includes a Kitchen and a Stage area) that has a square footage of 2,880  square feet.  The church also maintains a community building which is 1560 square feet and can accommodate 75 people along with a Soft Ball Field (Parker Memorial Field). 

    The Building and Grounds committee is responsible for the maintenance and up keep of both the building and grounds.  They meet the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7pm for meetings and have several clean up days through out the year.  This Committee plays a vital role in the church for they are responsible for the appearance and up keep of the church's facilities.  The Church recognizes the work of the Members of The Building and Grounds Committee and thanks them for their hard work and dedication.